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Monday, August 10, 2009


It was monsooning in Milwaukee on Saturday morning as I called up Kristin and Devon to see if we'd even be able to race; but they were game to head to the race and since it was Devon's first back in the states with us after a successful series in France, I loaded up to brave the weather and construction in IL! :)

We met up under surprisingly blue skies at an interesting horseshoe shaped course. It was a women's open field and a good size though we were the only team with numbers. We decided to make it hot from the start and boy did we! We had about 10 in our front group pretty quickly and after Devon took a hard attack, Kristen countered and found she had a nice gap. She kept it up while Devon and I patrolled the front and she was quickly out of sight. After letting a few girls wear themselves out chasing, Devon and I took turns attacking. I was off the front with a small gap when Devon countered past me and off she went as well!

A girl had managed to go with Devon but could only hold her wheel so long (understandable! I'd hate to be in that position!), we let her hang out there for a bit and then our small group organized to catch and attack past her.

Meanwhile, we finally starting getting some primes; Aspen yelled out at me to give them a go to prep myself for the final sprint. The first prime I was coming in hot, clearly set to take it when my cleat snapped and I barely kept it up. I was happy to save it and got back in. Next lap I was much more careful and didn't pull to hard and was able to drill it into the last corner to get a gift certificate for Wildfire. With two to go I hear the pace car behind us and Kristen came barelling through our field, straight to the front! I jumped on her wheel and she drilled the whole last lap and easily crossed the line first! It was quite exciting to have a full podium sweep for Team BH USA! (pics to come soon!)

After a very fun day, we will be headed to Glencoe with the addition of Ann!

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